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What is the special occasion? Wedding Reception? 21st Birthday? 40th Birthday? Wedding Anniversary? Private Party?  We have wide experience with them all! We have the widest selection of music to cater for all occasions. Party DJ Hire Sydney has over 15 years experience playing at 100’s of events.

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    About me – Daniel Cervantes (Dj Romo)

    Party Dj Hire Sydney was created by me, Daniel Cervantes (Dj Romo) to share my passion for music and having a great time with my friends and relatives. A few years later things starting growing and growing to what it is now thanks to YOU, thanks to the people who keep calling me and referring us all the time.

    Each and every event is different so we have learned how to manage different events, different crowds and how to adapt to the new music waves. Each year there are new beats, new disruptors and new ways to mix music. We learn and move on with the trends always keeping the classics under our wing.

    I was born in America but have lived in Europe, USA, and have been in Australia for over 15 years. I had the opportunity to play in pubs and clubs in Lake Tahoe, California, Mexico City, London, Reno, Madrid, Barcelona, Melbourne and of course in Sydney. This experience has given me enough tools and experience to play any genre and to move crowds.

    Cost To Hire a DJ in Sydney

    Contact us now and let’s talk about your plans and also about your budget. Most of the time, we can adjust our service to suit your budget. We only use the latest equipment to deliver the best experience, however, it is expensive so we can’t lower our costs too much. We are all up for having a great time.

    The cost will vary depending on the size of your event and your special requirements. All the equipment we use is the best on the market so we can further guarantee the quality. We ONLY use Pioneer CDJ’ mixers, the best Speakers, Amazing Lightning, Microphones, Projectors, Lasers, Screens, etc. Every function is different so we will make sure to put together the best equipment. Whilst we are always happy to negotiate and work with you and your budget, you have to understand that we have invested a good amount of money on equipment to make sure your event stands out from the rest.

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