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Not everybody is aware of the Cost to Hire a Dj. At Party DJ Hire Sydney we aim to provide the best service in Sydney. Our prices will help ensure you host the best event. All of our Dj’s are experienced and well trained. At Party DJ Hire we aim to please and provide you with the best service & music during your event.

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    Events are sweetened by the presence of a DJ. Any kind of event, whether corporate, family, or a casual event, will be better when there is an exceptional choice of music that is well synchronised and reflects the mood of the day. The question that follows is how much you will have to pay to get quality DJ service for your event. As you plan, you need to know whether the DJ services fit within your budget. But you should always find the best DJ and entertainer for your guests, whether you are hosting a small party or a large event.

    Here, we want to share with you the price packages of party DJ hire Sydney. But first, you need to understand why you are being charged a certain amount. The price you will be charged for hiring a DJ depends on a number of things.

    First, the kind of event you are hosting. Prices might vary depending on the nature of the event because the services rendered by the DJ are determined by that. The size of the audience will also influence the price you have to pay for the services. The charges tend to go higher as the audience size increases. The particular season and day of the week will also determine how much you will be charged for hiring a DJ. During the peak seasons, you could be charged slightly more because the demand is high. However, if you are fortunate, you can get some discounts and bonuses. The amount of money you pay depends on the services you need.

    Different DJ hire companies will charge you differently and you have to find one that favours you the most, but this has to be done without compromising the quality of service.

    Here is a breakdown of the DJ hire prices for different kinds of parties.

    Birthday Party DJ Cost

    Are you planning to host a birthday party? We know that you need some quality sound system and a professional on the decks to spice it up. Marking this huge milestone with some memorable music will give you the ultimate experience.

    From just $550, you will get our professional DJ services for your party. We have the best professionals to play at your 16th, 18th, 30th, 50th ( or whatever) birthday celebrations.

    Where would you love to have the event hosted? Whether it is at your home or at a hired venue, we will be there with our quality equipment to bring life to the party. We are flexible and are ready to play your choice of music during the course of the party. We will adjust the intensity of the music based on the audience size and the venue.

    Wedding DJ Cost

    Weddings are special events and the entertainment at a wedding needs to be nothing but the best. We want the couple and the guests to have a day to remember and we offer top wedding DJ services in Sydney and its surroundings.

    Our wedding DJs have the experience needed to captivate the crowd and write memories in people’s minds. Besides setting the mood with an unparalleled choice of music, these wedding DJs can also offer MC services and get everyone on their feet. ( MC services are charged separately)

    Our DJs have entertained many weddings across the region and they know what your audience loves to hear. The vast library of music and the variety we have access to will make the day all fun and worth remembering.

    For a wedding DJ, the prices start from $750. This can vary depending on the size of the audience and the duration. If you want us to bring along the lighting, we are happy to do so just to make the event more exciting. At the end of the day, all we want is to offer you reliable services and make your wedding planning easy.

    Corporate DJ Hire 

    DJ hire for a corporate event can cost you between $600 and $1,000. We understand the broad variety of corporate events that you might want to host. It could be a product launch, corporate dinner, promotional event, or an award ceremony. All these will be made livelier with a DJ on board.

    We are glad to take part in the organisation of the party so that we deliver the best entertainment for the guests. If there are any special inclusions that you want for the music, lighting, or any other service, please let us know.

    Family Parties

    Family parties are a great time for people to come together. A family party such as a get-together or Christmas party can be taken to another level by bringing in quality music and having a skilled DJ take care of the entertainment.

    Depending on the size of the audience, the prices can vary but, generally, it will be from $550 to $750

    In Summary, Here is How Much It Will Cost You To Hire a DJ

    DJ prices in Sydney can vary slightly depending on the type of party and the size of the audience. For an audience size of up to 100 people, it will cost you from $550 to hire a DJ. For an audience size between 100 and 200 people, the cost of hiring a DJ is from $650. For a larger audience of 200 to 400 people, it will cost you from $800 for DJ hire services in Sydney.

    Keep in mind that this can change during different times of the year. Also, the level of experience of the DJ is a determinant besides the expected duration of the performance.

    When looking for DJ hire, lookout for a professional with the skill and experience that you need for your kind of party. An event will be shaped by the music and entertainment provided. You also need to pick services that you can afford but this shouldn’t be at the expense of quality.

    At Party DJ Hire Sydney, we give priority to the client. Talk to us today and we can start making the arrangements by customising the party to suit your preferences.

    Our Equipment

    All of our DJ Packages include ( The above image is an indication of the equipment we use) If you would like to know more about the equipment please visit Pioneer’s website:

    Ultimate Pioneer Decks and Mixers

    JBL’s (or similar) speakers with stands

    Professional lighting

    Professional Dj

    To understand more about our packages, take a look at our DJ Hire Packages Page.

    Also, if you want to look at some of the events we have been invited to, take a look at the pictures HERE

    We Understand that people always want to continue dancing, so we are happy to give an extra hour FOR FREE on every DJ Package.

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