What Unique Gear Do Top Producers Use?

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What Unique Gear Do Top Producers Use?

Ever wondering What Unique Gear Do Top Producers Use? Production Gear is more powerful and accessible than ever, but it’s not the gear itself that makes great music. It’s ideas, taste, and practice combined with a solid kit that makes the messy process of creating a song much easier and more fun. So what trusted tools do the pro’s rely on everyday to craft some of these biggest songs in the biz? Good question. We’ve gone ahead and compiled an extensive list of studio staples so you feel like you’re right there in the studio checking out the setup of each producer on our list!

Finding Out What Gear They Use

It really takes some digging to uncover what top producers really use in a constantly changing and somewhat secretive studio environment. Of course, we’ve done our best to make sure that this article is as accurate as possible, but there’s certainly the possibility of error here.

Check them out:


David Guetta 

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