Net Reach in advertising refers to the total number of persons with at least one view of an ad, i.e., they have been exposed to the medium at least once. The content on MBA Skool has been created for educational & academic purpose only. It seeks to maximise its reach to ensure all licence fee payers are receiving value. Net Reach in advertising refers to the total number of persons with at least one view of an ad, i.e., they have been exposed to the medium at least once. Third Floor GRP is calculated by multiplying the number of Spots by Rating. This article has been researched & authored by the Business Concepts Team. It is just the number of people who are exposed to the medium and therefore have an opportunity to see or hear the ad or commercial. 93% of us listen to radio over FM/AM frequency airwaves, or via the internet, as opposed to 85% TV viewership, and 50% PC users. The average number of times a person is exposed to a radio spot schedule. Multiple viewings by a single member of the audience in the cited period do not increase reach; however, media people use the term effective reach to describe the quality of exposure.

When reach is multiplied by average frequency a composite measure called gross rating points (GRPs) is obtained. Estimating reach is tricky because when you run an ad multiple times, the same person may see the ad more than once but you only want to count them once in Reach. This can be used for different demographics, including households. One way to calculate frequency is to divide the number of Impressions by the Reach. Calculated using algorithm. radio in the Metro who are listening to a particular radio station. How are they calculated? As a result, the value of the net reach will be lesser than that of the gross reach, since the gross reach metric uses the number of impressions as a unit of measure. A Spot is a single broadcast of an advertisement. It is one of Britain's biggest newspaper groups, publishing 240 regional papers in addition to the national Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, The Sunday People, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star, Daily Star Sunday as well as the Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail and the magazine OK!. Reach and frequency of exposure are also two of the most important statistics used in advertising management. Reach of television channels is often expressed in the form of "x minute weekly reach" – that is, the number (or percentage) of viewers who watched the channel for at least x minutes in a given week. More on Media Markets…. One person can receive multiple exposures over time. Here’s an example of all of the above advertising terms in action. 295 Million American people over 6 years old listen to the radio each week, and … Rating is the percentage (0 to 100) of the Media Market that will likely be exposed to your advertisement. However, it ultimately boils down to the amount you pay to present your advertisement, which is Media Cost.

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