How to Prevent Disaster When Hiring a DJ

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How to Prevent Disaster When Hiring a DJ

Whether you’re having a wedding, a corporate event, or any other type of gathering, it is important that you choose the entertainment wisely. A good DJ knows great music, will have all the equipment needed and will follow the event’s dress code and theme, all while handling their job in a professional manner. These are things that you will want to do and discuss before deciding on a DJ for your event:

Assess Their Music Taste

DJs should be able to determine the appropriate genre and music for your specific event. You want to make sure they are able to recognize good timing and know what you expect them to do for you. You can even make them a mix or an example playlist of a few songs that they can add songs too. Getting someone who has the skill to read the room and put a song and a beat to it is crucial.

This is an important factor when looking for the right DJ for your party. You want to make sure they truly understand what you need for your event, and they need to prove that they can deliver it. Better yet, if your DJ can double as an emcee, you will be able to get a two in one deal. They can entertain your guests, list out the events for the night, and make any necessary announcements.

They can also take song requests if you deem it appropriate. You should rest assured that this person has got you covered for the event. That way, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your DJ won’t break out a song about heartbreak at a wedding.

Ask About the Equipment Needed

Quality equipment will be needed for your event. You want to make sure your DJ comes prepared for the party with lights, microphones, and any other DJ equipment that they may need. Perhaps the most important part of your DJ’s setup is the speakers. You want to make sure they have high-quality speakers available for your event.

Another important piece of equipment will be lighting. Lighting can really make or break a party, so it’s important to make sure you have the option. When a DJ comes with all of this equipment, even if you’re paying an added price, chances are that you will be saving yourself a considerable amount of money by paying for the package rather than having to provide all the equipment separately.

When the DJ comes, they should start by checking and testing all equipment right after setup. While you are interviewing and looking for a DJ, ask them what they do on a nightly basis and how they prepare for events like yours.

Inform them of the Theme and Dress Code

This may seem to be not nearly as significant as the first two points, but it is important that your DJ looks the part as well. If you are having a formal event, you don’t want your DJ to be dressed in a sloppy manner. If you’re having a Hawaiian themed party, make sure that they know to wear a Hawaiian shirt and maybe even a lei. If it’s a suit and tie, have them dressed to the nines. Whatever the theme of the party, your DJ should be dressed accordingly. Be sure to discuss the dress code with them or even provide an outfit if you can. When your DJ goes along with the theme, your party will feel a lot more complete!

Hiring a high-quality DJ is one of the best things you can do for your event. Contact our team of experts now and ensure that you have the best event possible!

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