Why Hiring a Photo Booth is Essential for Your Wedding

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Why Hiring a Photo Booth is Essential for Your Wedding

Photo Booth Hire Sydney at Party

Weddings are occasions where having a photo booth is indispensable. You may have an army of photographers to capture your every move as you take the journey to forever, but a classic photo booth can deliver you photos that are less rigid and more lively and, in a word, natural-looking. No one is immune from letting their guard down while inside a photo booth – not even the shyest children! Photo booths are a smashing way to keep the momentum of your wedding going. Here are a few reasons why:

It keeps guests entertained during interval times

For one, photo booths are a great way to kill dead air.Weddings usually have intervals of 30 minutes to 1 hour between the ceremony and reception for guests to have a few munchies. While those periods are the perfect time to chat with guests, dance, and take group photos, some guests may feel less inclined to do these things, making them feel awkward and unsure of what to do with themselves as they wait. 

A fun way for these guests to pass time is by taking wacky photos of themselves and their friends in a photo booth. They can sport afro wigs, a pair of ridiculously large sunglasses, and a glass of champagne as they say “cheese!”. They can rummage for pirate hats, cowboy hats, Christmas hats, safety hats, or any other provided headgear of their liking. Other basic booth stuff that your guests can use include huge lips and mustaches. With these, the quirky combinations that they can create are endless!

It’s an affordable way to add value to your event

Hiring a photo booth for five hours only costs you the same amount as you need to buy for the flowers for the wedding event. In fact, the cost may be comparable to the professional fees you’ll pay for the wedding DJ! The smiles and memories your guests will make are worth far more than the amount you will pay for rent.

It produces keepsakes for your guests

Speaking of smiles – you and your guests will have a souvenir that will remind you of that special day. A photo booth can produce a photo book where your guests can attach a copy of their photo with a written message of congratulations. Nothing beats having tangible keepsakes that stirs up a happy feeling of how much everybody had fun on that day, every time you will go back and flip that photo book. What’s even better is that you also get to have a digital copy of these photos that you can upload and share on social media so that your friends and family overseas can come overboard even when they’re not physically present.

It can be customized to match your theme

With photo booths, there are a lot of frames and themes to choose from that would suit your wedding’s mood. It can be a pink and violet frame or even exotic gothic; there are also frames that derive from Instagram’s design which you may modify and adapt. You can also make speech bubbles and sign boards where you or your guests can write a statement they want to include in their photos.

Making memories on your special day

One of the best parts about a wedding is getting to spend time with people you know and love while making memories and celebrating a very special day. A photo booth is a fantastic way to keep your loved ones talking about your wedding and looking back at the photos for years to come! 

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