5 Things to Remember When Keeping Your Wedding DJ in the Loop

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5 Things to Remember When Keeping Your Wedding DJ in the Loop

Your wedding is likely a special day that you’ve been thinking about for your whole life. You’ve probably made many plans and might already have ideas in mind. Whatever the case, your wedding music is going to be an important part of your overall event and ceremony. Wedding music will set the mood and keep your guests entertained, so it’s important that you find yourself a reputable, experienced DJ. 

With a DJ, you will have a professional by your side to read the room and play music according to the vibe. With a clear objective and concise expectations, you will be able to get your money’s worth for your DJ’s time at your wedding. Make sure you confirm these things with your DJ prior to the big day:

Give them a schedule

You want to let your DJ in on the event schedule. This includes the ceremony times, performance times, and everything that has been finalized for the itinerary of the wedding. Make life easier on your DJ by making sure that you don’t keep them in the dark about what is happening. If they have a copy of the schedule, they will know what specific songs need to be played when and they will be able to prepare their own list ahead of time. Make sure that you are clear on your expectations of them so that they can help you make your wedding a better experience.

Discuss fees

If you have booked a wedding music package but want them to be there for after-hour performances, you will be paying overtime fees. Make sure you know what fees will be applied for this situation. Any situation you might have that involves your DJ should not be a surprise to them. Do not ask them for last-minute music, as these things take time to prepare. Make sure you know what comes with the price you are paying and confirm that it includes everything you will need for your special event. Be sure to confirm with your DJ to make sure that the hours are set and agreed to.

Ceremony music

Usually, a wedding DJ will not include ceremony music. If you are hoping that they will be able to provide that to you, you should definitely let them know so that they can prepare. There may or may not be an additional fee, but be sure to discuss it with them regardless. Just make sure that you know what is included with the price you are going to pay for your wedding music. 

Post-wedding music

You can give your DJ a list of songs you definitely want them to play at the wedding, but make sure you let them know what version you want to hear, especially if there are multiple different ones. If you want a specific file to be played, make sure you transfer the file to them and ensure that they are aware in advance, before the wedding.

Let them in on any surprises

If you are planning to do a breakdance surprise scene or want to delight your spouse-to-be with a song, let your DJ in on the plan! Not only will they then be able to prepare and help you with your surprise, but you will also have someone to rehearse your solo with!

If you’re looking to hire a DJ in Sydney, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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