How Long Should You Rent a Wedding Photo Booth For

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How Long Should You Rent a Wedding Photo Booth For

Wedding Photo Booth

Photo booths have now become a staple in parties, events, and gatherings. May it be a birthday, reunion, or wedding, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a celebration that does not employ a photo booth. Indeed, photo booths make for additional fun and exciting activity. The photos shot and created in photo booths also serve as souvenirs for remembrance. 

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and for the most part, exhausting. This is particularly true for couples who opt to do the planning themselves. One of the things that might be overlooked during the wedding planning is the photo booth rental and for how long should one be rented. You might think this is such a small thing to get yourself stressed about, but wouldn’t you want everything at your wedding to be perfect, even the small things?

Why You Should Carefully Plan Photo Booth Rental and Rental Hours

On average, wedding receptions last between four to five hours including the ceremony if both will be held in the same venue. Would this mean that you should rent the photo booth for that entire period? 

Deciding how many hours you should rent a photo booth is important because you don’t want to waste money paying for photo booth rental that won’t be maximized. It will be a waste to pay for photo booth rental during the hours when everyone is busy with other things and are unlikely to have their photos taken in the booth. 

Let’s say the wedding starts at 5:00 pm. The ceremony will take less than an hour. Then, your official photographer will have to take after-wedding shots. As a safe estimate, your wedding reception will likely start at 7:00 pm. Guests will welcome the couple, then there will be ceremonial games and activities. Depending on what you’ll decide upon, dinner can be served while games and activities are ongoing. Most likely, everyone will settle down from 7:30 pm onwards. Only during those hours will they have time to check out the photo booth. 

If your entire wedding ceremony and reception are estimated to last for five hours, you can cut at least an hour from the photo booth rental. 

Should You Have the Photo Booth Available at Cocktail Hour?

You might be wondering whether or not you should have the photo booth still available during cocktail hour. The answer entirely depends on you, but if you really want to maximize the opportunity of having your guests take photos to remember your wedding by, then it’s a definite yes!

For guests, a cocktail hour could be the most fun part of the wedding reception. Usually, there are no more games and activities during this hour, too, so they can freely enjoy having their photos taken in the booth without missing a special moment at the reception. 

It will also be smart to position the photo booth near the food or dessert table. This way, when they’re about to get food or drinks, they can sneak a pose in the photo booth.

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