Tips to Keep Your Guests Moving on the Dancefloor

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Tips to Keep Your Guests Moving on the Dancefloor

Most weddings do not end after the bride and groom exchange the rings. Typically, there will be a reception where guests can mingle and celebrate the newlyweds. Perhaps you have prepared food, desserts, cocktails, champagne, and a big cake. Yet, there is one more thing that you simply cannot forget: a dance floor. After all, what’s a party without music and your best friend’s terrible dance moves? Y

You and your partner will be opening the floor when the time comes to dance. Once you two have enjoyed your first dance as a married couple, it’s time to pump up the party and get the guests to move their hips. The challenge that you may face is nobody getting up to dance, choosing to head back to the buffet instead. Rather than forcefully dragging everybody out on the dance floor, be smart when planning your event in the first place. Here is how you can keep your wedding guests busting moves on the dance floor:

Hire professional entertainment

There is nothing worse than having the speakers break down at your wedding. It will be difficult to pump up the party when nobody can hear the music. Before the event, make sure that the speakers and other necessary equipment are in excellent condition. 

One way that you can do this is by hiring a professional DJ. Sure, you could put together a Spotify playlist for the dance floor to save you money, but music alone does not guarantee that the guests will get moving. A DJ can read the room and play the appropriate music in accordance. Plus, they will bring high-quality equipment!

It’s important to look for a DJ who has experience playing music at weddings. They need to have the right personality for your event and know how to entertain the crowd. Choosing any random DJ off the internet is not a good idea. If you want your wedding to go as smoothly as possible, make sure you choose someone who is ready and equipped for the job. 

Explore other musical genres

A wedding is an event that celebrates love. Nevertheless, love songs shouldn’t be the only ones played on the day. If you want your wedding to be unique and memorable, try to explore other musical genres at the event. In fact, you could ask your DJ to play songs that go with the theme of the wedding. For example, if you are having a cowboy-themed wedding, have your DJ play some country music for the dance floor. You could even hold a line dance!

There are no rules stating that you have to stick onto one genre throughout the whole event. You could kick things off with a few love songs at the beginning and light the dance floor up with some rap later on. Not sure if the music you like is appropriate? Consult your DJ for suggestions. In fact, you can also have your DJ ask the crowd for requests while they are dancing. This is sure to make your reception a blast! 

Lead the way to the dance floor

Sometimes, the problem may not be the music or the dance floor, but the fact that guests are just too shy to go up. Seeing as it is your wedding and all eyes will be on you, why not lead the way and show off your moves before everyone else does? There’s no need to feel embarrassed. No one is going to judge you. If they do, who cares? It’s your big day! Have a blast! Once you heat up the floor, guests will soon come to share in with your joy!

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