What Your Wedding DJ Can Do For You – Our Guide

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What Your Wedding DJ Can Do For You – Our Guide

Come the big wedding day, you need nothing less than a wedding DJ to spice up the event.

What role does a wedding DJ play? He is responsible for presenting great music on your big day. From the wedding ceremony up to the reception itself, he’s bound to set the mood by playing the right music. This means charming love songs when the wedding entourage walks through the alley, heartfelt ones when the bride walks the aisle, and heart-pricking melodies when the couple finally makes their vows. During the wedding reception, he can bring the heat by switching to something that will get you on the dance floor!

Although making sure the right music is being played is crucial, did you know that a wedding DJ’s role can go beyond playing music alone? Let’s take a look at five different functions of a wedding DJ that go beyond playing the music.

Set the Wedding Timeline

Since your wedding DJ will be playing the appropriate music for the different parts of the program, he needs to know the flow of the ceremony and the reception. He should be wary of how the wedding should start, what comes next, and how it should end. That said, a wedding DJ can take part in executing and enforcing the wedding timeline. He can go about making announcements to ensure every element and event occurs on time and that the flow of the wedding goes ever so smoothly.

Provide Sound Equipment

Since a wedding DJ is an expert in music, we’re sure that he is well aware of the sound equipment to be used for the wedding. Not to mention that as a DJ himself, he can set up all the equipment he needs to do his tasks throughout the ceremony. To avoid an incomplete music set-up, why not ask your wedding DJ to provide the equipment as well? His service and the equipment to be used will all be part of the package rolled into one. This will minimize the hassle!

Supply Lighting

Apart from the sound system, your wedding DJ may also have an idea about wedding uplighting. Uplighting involves smaller lighting systems placed on the floor and aimed upwards to highlight your tables and dance floor. Having said that, some wedding DJs offer uplighting as part of the service. Discuss this with your wedding DJ to see if this is something that can be included in your package.

Serve as Co-Host

Couples usually hire a wedding host to set the ceremony and to spruce up a reception. It would be a lot easier, however, if you could have your wedding DJ co-host, especially during breaks and gaps in between. As most DJs are good at communicating and pumping up the crowd, you may also utilize his talent for more than just playing the music. He can serve as the cruise director and point person making the announcements during each and every part of the ceremony and reception. He can even collaborate with the main host to ensure a lively and fun wedding.

Cover Any Wedding Hiccups

While we all aspire for smooth weddings, sometimes things can deviate from the plan. There might be minor setbacks and hiccups in between parts of the program. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry. One of the best things about DJs is that most are pros at getting things back on track. They can momentarily break the ice. For instance, he can make some announcements or play upbeat music while waiting for the food to be served. Your guests won’t notice the delays and potential mishaps at all!

If you’re looking to hire a DJ in Sydney, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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