The Benefits of Having a Themed Wedding – Our Guide

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The Benefits of Having a Themed Wedding – Our Guide

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Love is something that should be celebrated; that’s why weddings are events that everyone enjoys participating in. What’s even more fun than a wedding? A themed wedding, of course! You can decide what kind of theme you want for your wedding, and that will contribute to the event’s success. Here are some ideas for themed weddings:

Keeping it traditional

If you are thinking about sticking to traditional with the theme, but you still want something cohesive to follow in terms of design, consider choosing an all-white wedding theme. This will make your wedding look bright and beautiful. Just imagine all the white suits, white dresses, and white roses everywhere!

Going against tradition

If you’re thinking about throwing a gothic wedding, which incorporates black and red, go for it! Your wedding will definitely not be forgotten! Black roses or red roses will look great on your gothic wedding day!

Pastel palettes

Sticking to light pastel colours is also a great idea for a spring wedding. Pastel colours are really pretty and will make your wedding feel more lovely. Pastel blues, yellows, and pinks are great against white. You will look amazing next to these colours, and your wedding will be an adorable spring hit!

Foresty wedding

If you’re a plant parent, consider making your wedding theme a little more rustic with natural features. Lots of greenery and fairy lights will give your wedding an elvish feel. Lights, flowers, and baked goods will make you feel like you just entered an enchanted cottage in the forest. 

Marquee party

One of the best ways to make your wedding one for the books is to hold it underneath a marquee. Dancing under beautiful lights on a beautiful dancefloor inside a tent can make for a magical wedding experience. Enjoy time with your friends and family at your wedding marquee event.

Rainbow themed

This can be great for LGBTQ+ weddings but can work for any wedding for those who love a good pop of colour. Rainbow themes can be fun, especially if all the bridesmaids and groomsmen are wearing the colours of the rainbow on their dresses and ties. This will look amazing in photos and will make for an unforgetful wedding.

Movie inspired

If you and your spouse have a favourite movie together, maybe you can incorporate that into your wedding. You will want to have the soundtrack available as your wedding background music. You also want to include costumes and props to go the extra mile.

Getting a DJ

No matter what your theme is, you will definitely want to make sure that you keep the entertainment vendors informed so that they can dress accordingly and bring music to fit the theme well as well. Getting your DJ to participate in your theme is important so that they can engage with your guests and really feel like part of the wedding team. Since your DJ might be able to double as an emcee, you will most definitely want them to know the agenda. They may be able to provide you with lights and decorations as well!

If you’re looking to hire a DJ in Sydney, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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